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Fast Metabolism Eating Plan.

Dawn Slade Before

A post from Dawn Slade.

I am a personal trainer but I am over weight. I am a certified community health adviser, trained by the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center to provide healthy nutrition, diabetes prevention and diabetes management education, but I am overweight. I am the host of Going Nuts About Health, a wellness television show that promotes optimal health, but I am overweight. I am the Executive Director of Nuts About Health, Inc. which has the mission to "slay the obesity monster" but I am overweight.

Twenty-one years ago I lost 75 pounds, but over the years I have gained most of it back. I am sick and tired of my seesaw pattern of losing weight and gaining it back and have prayed to end it for once and for all.

Dawn Slade After 4 weeks.

Thank God for Angela Bassett.

She introduced me to the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. This plan involves eating healthy, natural foods in the right combination at specific times to heal and boost the metabolism to burn fat and lose weight. It is the answer to my prayers. Thank you God and Angela!

The photos you see here in this post are an example of how I now look after 4 weeks. Here are some details on how this diet plan works.

  • Specifically on this plan you must omit meet, corn, sugar and caffeine.

  • You eat one half hour after you wake up. (exmp: wake up at 5:30am, eat at 6am)

  • Eat every three ours until you go to bed. Breakfast > Snack > Lunch > Snack > Dinner > - for as long as you are awake.

  • Drink one half of your body weight in water.

  • Exercise includes 1 day of cardio, 1 day weight training and 1 day relaxation.

Because I have to loose more than 30 pounds, I am continuing on this eating plan to reach my goal weight. This is all about the food, I will go through this process until it becomes a way of life. Once I reach my goal I will continue to eat healthy like this. It's so easy and it satisfies my body with the proper nutrition and energy.

It works! It takes a real conscious decision to follow this plan, but it is so very easy to adjust to. Trust me, it's worth the commitment; and you are worth the commitment.

I encourage you to try out the Fast Metabolism Diet yourself as well as keep up basic exercise routines and health habits to succeed in your journey to great health and slay the obesity monster in your life. You can search for Haylie Pomroy's book online. You can check out a video on it at

Join me on a mental, physical and spiritual journey to lose the weight and keep it off. Sign up for Summer Bloom every summer to pursue a healthier life.

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