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Feed the Spirit

So in the last post we introduce the Empowerment Hour concept. The purpose of the empowerment hour is to commit 60 minutes every day to enhance your spirit, body and mind. Basically you're going to take 20 minutes each day to nurture each part.

Today I will address the importance of feeding the Spirit.

Just like you feed your body daily for physical strength, you must feed your spirit for spiritual strength. How do you feed your spirit? By praying, reading the Bible and meditating on scripture (reading and saying scripture over and over). This develops strong faith.

Establish a short term goal, which is within a year, for your spiritual growth and use 20 minutes of your empowerment hour to achieve this goal. Here is an example of an action plan to nourish the spirit and build strong faith:

• "I will spend 20 minutes on spiritual development everyday during my empowerment hour between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.".

• "I will pray for 5 minutes, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and revelation."

• "I will read the Bible for 10 minutes."

• "I will select a scripture to meditate on and read out loud for 5 minutes."

Such a routine will help you develop into a spiritual giant and fuel your commitment to believe, think, say and act on the Word of God. Don't starve your spirit; feed it today.

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