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Empower Hour Introduction

Your values determine how you spend your time. How you spend your time determines how successful you are at achieving your goals. To reach your goals you must change your perception of time. Little becomes much. What do you value? Is what you value reflected in what you spend your time and energy on? What you spend your time and energy on will dictate what you get out of life. When I ask myself what I want, I am asking myself, what are my goals?

I have decided to use my platform for a series of Empowerment Hours. One hour to empower myself to reach my spiritual health, fitness, and educational goals. I spend 20 minutes daily in prayer and Bible study to strengthen my faith. I commit to 20 minutes of exercise to enhance my body. I commit 20 minutes to read a book or article to stimulate my mind.

Join me in committing an hour a day to enhancing your mind, body, and spirit through the Empowerment Hour series, there is much more to come.

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