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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Nuts About Health, Inc.'s mission is to slay the obesity monster and educate people to inspire and empower themselves to make the commitment to health and wellness by practicing healthy lifestyle habits. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for members of the public to live in a community where everyone - men, women and children - have vibrant health. Nuts About Health, Inc. promotes optimal health and wellness by providing the community with programs and activities that advocate the development and practice of healthy lifestyle habits. We particularly focus on physical health, which includes eating a healthy nutritious diet and engaging in regular exercise.  


Our goal is to help all members of the community enjoy a high quality of life.

Original NAH logo

The Original NAH Logo. Created by Ruby Slade.

Nuts About Health, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to provide individuals, families, and organizations with information, training and tools to assist as they journey to optimal health. The late Ruby H. Slade, the founder and former Executive Director of Nuts About Health, Inc., was inspired by her daughters Dawn and Ann to eat healthy and include different foods in her diet.  


Ann is a naturalist who enjoys gardening and creating new recipes. She introduced organic foods, whole grains like quinoa, and a variety of greens, fruits, and vegetables as well as juicing to the family. Dawn began juicing daily and shared with the family the increase in energy she enjoyed as a result. Along with eating healthy and juicing, Ruby was able to manage diabetes and dodge the devastation suffered by many of her family members, including the loss of limbs.


Excited about the new-found knowledge given to her by her daughters, Ruby wanted to share this information with her church family. In 2000, she and Dawn started a healthy lifestyle development and weight loss support group at Varick Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church located in New Haven, CT. This program paved the way for Nuts About Health, Inc., which was established in April 2005.  


In an effort to reach a larger audience to combat diabetes and obesity, and to promote healthy lifestyle habits, the organization premiered “Going Nuts About Health”, a wellness cable television talk show to further its mission of providing the public with the information, education, and motivation to strive for, obtain, and maintain optimal health. The show features guests, including experts in their fields who share advice and information on how to improve spiritual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual and financial health.

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