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What's it About? How Does it Work?

Destination Walk Program


  • Select a Walking Coach from each Church;


  • Pick a Desired Travel Destination;


  • Measure the distance in miles from your location to the Desired Destination;


  • Calculate the amount Walking Steps per mile;


  • Create Walking Teams with the goal of reaching the chosen Destination;


  • Celebrate the Teams’ arrival to their Destination with a Fitness Party!!



TRACKING YOUR STEPS for Destination Walk Program


Mile to Step Conversion - On average, 2,000 walking/jogging steps make up a mile. This means that 10,000 steps converts to around 5 miles with average stride length. It is recommended by the medical community that Everyone walk at least 10,000 steps Daily.


  1. Use your phone to track distance. Download a free Pedometer app (there are many)

  2. Set a Daily Step goal and increase that goal each week.

  3. If you know, for example that you are going on a 2 mile walk use the in app map (or Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.) to measure the distance of the locations you regularly walk.

  4. For steps taken in and around your home and/or at work, count the steps of paths you typically take and write them down! For instance, It takes 20 steps to walk from the kitchen to the living room. That is a path I take multiple time a day. Keep Track!

  5. Check your pedometer several times during the day and keep track of the recorded steps (write them down). Add up the totals at the end of the day.

  6. Use Google to convert miles to steps. 

  7. Make a good guess! I know you moved today

  8. Average stride length is 2.5 feet. 2,000 steps is 1 mile


  10,000 steps = 5miles

  20,000 steps = 10miles

  40,000 steps = 20miles

  80,000 steps = 40miles

  Steps to miles conversion chart 50,000 = 25 miles each week/12 participant = 300miles per week


Program created by Embrace Your Fitness, LLC – Embrace Your Excellence

Embrace Your Fitness, LLC will 

  • Introduce the Destination Walk Program to your organization and cultivate and coordinate volunteers.

  • Provide Health Coaching seminar(s) designed to set a wellness plan for each participant and an overall wellness plan for the organization.

  • Conduct Fitness Assessments for Program participants.

Working in Collaboration with

Get To Steppin'

Embrace Your Excellence™ Destination Walk Program by Embrace Your Fitness®



Each church or organization member should select the link to the "Signup" form. Add your name, phone number and team. Then click Submit. The forms will be viewed by the program Coach who is overseeing all teams in your church or organization.

Each team captain (who must also participate) must use the "Captains" form to report the recorded team totals for the week. Each individual's steps in a team are calculated to make the weekly total. Then click Submit. Captains forms will be viewed by the program Coach.


All team members (including Captains) at the end of every week should select the link to the "Personal" form. Add your name and team. Then click Submit. (Your submissions will be viewed by the team Captains.)


The program Coach will tally all teams' total steps to provide an update of the total number of steps to achieving the destination goal amount.

Print or Download the Step Log to keep track of your steps.
Varick A.M.E. Zion Church
Ruby H. Slade Annual Walkathon
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